The Five’s Model

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At ScafWest we believe that complacency leads to error. As a result we are committed to Continuous Improvement to ensure that our company maintains a truly world-class standard.

As a foundation to this we have implemented a comprehensive 5S (Workplace Organisation) programme that focuses on ensuring our facilities are operated and maintained to the highest professional standards.

What is the 5S Model?

In general terms, 5S is a way of organising and managing both the workplace and flow of work to achieve maximum morale and efficiency. The basic premise of 5S is that by assigning everything in the workplace a specific location, 2 main objectives will be met — time will not be wasted looking for things and items missing from their designated position will be instantly recognisable.

Continuous Improvement

In addition to the 5S Model, we are implementing other LEAN tools to continuously review our processes and systems, thus ensuring that we deliver maximum value to all of our stakeholders.

Our high standards and strict quality assurance mechanisms are of paramount importance to delivering quality solutions to our clients — every time.

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